Welcome to The Madras Studio. The best recording studio in Chennai with state of the art technology, top of the line equipment and passionate people zealous in providing professional service at affordable rates.

Studio tour

Here's a glimpse at the best recording studio in Chennai where your dreams become reality

Studio in chennai control room

The Director’s Privileged Location.
Covering a space of 150 sq ft, this is the control room of the studio. It consists of a LCD TV, one Mac pro system, prism Titan and microphone pre-amps– Avalon and UAD.

Studio in chennai lounge area

The Meeting Area of Open Minds
The place offers a fantastic ambiance where brilliant minds brainstorm their ideas. Perfect for songwriting camps.


The Place Where Magic Happens.
An Acoustically treated 100 sq ft room consisting of a condenser microphone- NEUMAN87 NEUMAN TLM 103 (MATCHED PAIR).

Our Equipment

The Brands we put our faith and trust in

Our Holy Quaternity

In simple words, it's the four areas we specialise in

Television Commercials

Those advertisements which are etched into your memory

Radio  Advertisements

When you hear the jingle, you know what the brand is

Music Albums

It’s a piece of art that goes in the ears and straight to the heart


Perfectly expressing the character’s emotions and thoughts

Our Services

It's what we do for you

Recording & Producing

Converting your thoughts and ideas into editable files


This is us taking you and your work to the audience members

Mixing & Mastering

Stitching the various tracks together and enhancing/polishing them

Music Supervision

We’ll be there every step of the way, guiding you through the production process.


We’ll be helping you envision and compose your projects.

Music Co-ordination

Give us your music plan, and we’ll implement it perfectly